Does your child need dental care?

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3 things to keep in mind about The Dental Ranch:

  • We specialize in Acute Pediatric Dentistry
  • We provide excellent Pediatric Dental Care
  • Accept: Commercial insurance, Medicaid, and CHIP

Who is The Dental Ranch

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The Dental Ranch provides comprehensive infant, pediatric and young adult (up to age 18) dental care for all children in North and East Texas, including those with special needs.

Currently, we cover Dallas, Mesquite, Terrell, Kaufman, and surrounding areas. Pediatric dental services are available by appointment. The Dental Ranch accepts most commercial insurances (including Medicaid, and CHIP). Please call to inquire for further insurance information.

The Dental Ranch Has Gone Mobile!

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On the go? The Dental Ranch mobile app offers quick and easy access to The Dental Ranch's essential information and site-features. Here are two ways to access the mobile app:

  • Visit website on your mobile phone.
  • You can also Scan this QR Code
  • (You will need to download a QR Reader for this)

Captain Hope's Kids

Captain Hope

The Dental Ranch has created an educational program with Captain Hope Kids to educate children about Oral hygiene. Twice a month the sheriffs and deputies head to various shelter locations and perform consults on children.

The children are examined, assessed and informed about their current diagnosis. The sheriffs and deputies explain in detail the diagnosis and what treatment plan is necessary they are then scheduled to the appropriate location.

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